Mobile robotic disinfection

Kills bacteria and viruses effectively

Product developed in Slovakia

Effective disinfection

Room disinfection is carried out with powerful germicidal lamps with an output of 250 W or 500 W. Thanks to the multi-dimensional spread of UVC radiation and the ability of the robot to approach the objects, the highest disinfection efficiency is guaranteed. The robot is controlled by a joystick and an application. The UVC lamp switches off automatically when a person is detected. 

Robot features


The robot with the UVC lamp gets closer to the dirty surfaces and objects.


Disinfection times and electricity are reduced by a shorter distance of robot.


Thanks to gearless drives, the robot does not make any excessive noise in environment.


Maintenance-free drives ensure high agility and smooth movement.


The robot can be stopped remotely and automatically switches off the UVC lamp when a human is detected.

High level of security

The robot is equipped with a camera that can be used not only for navigation, but also as a safety element. The built-in 360° camera can detect the person. In this case it automatically switches off the germicidal lamps. The robot can be switched off with a button on site or even remotely.

Perfect dexterity and controllability

Thanks to the unique chassis, the robot can move in an environment with various obstacles, such as door sills. The chassis also enables the robot to rotate 180° on site. The control is secured by an ergonomic joystick and app. The solution is completely developed in Slovakia.

Application examples


If it is necessary to enter potentially dangerous areas, the teleoperator mode enables the robot controller to protect staff via a WiFi network. The robot is controlled by a joystick and an application.

  • Live broadcast from the camera
  • Robot battery status
  • Telemetry data from the robot
  • Data from robot sensors
  • Security status of the robot
  • Robot direction control
  • Robot speed control
  • Stopping the robot remotely
  • Switch camera views
  • Switching on/off the UVC lamp

Features and parameters of the robot

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 70 x 150 x 90 cm

  • Weight: 60 kg

  • Operating time: 60 min

  • Disinfection rate: 50 m² / 3 min
  • Charging: 230 V with power adapter
  • Connectivity: WiFi 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz

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